Research Article 1

Introducing collaborative feedback into lesson observations: A study of an Initial Teacher Education programme for Post-Compulsory Education trainee teachers
Jalpa Ruparelia and Shane Payne
University of Leicester


This paper introduces a small-scale study of a dialogic approach to feedback that follows a lesson observation of a trainee’s practice when on an Initial Teacher Education programme in a further education college. The focus of this research is collaborative feedback, which involves the teacher, mentor and trainee sharing views together. Alexander’s (2004) theory of dialogic teaching plays a crucial part in the collaborative process as the trainees’ pedagogical understanding develops through reflective discourse. A small number of trainees were involved in the research, and questions were emailed to gain an insight into the participants’ perception of the effectiveness of the collaborative approach. The responses are positive in favour of collaborative feedback, with some trainees feeling that the process results in more comprehensive feedback due to its dialogic nature.

Keywords: Further Education; Initial Teacher Education; collaborative feedback; dialogic teaching.




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