Research Article 2

Enhancing Self Esteem and Building Self Awareness of a Selected group of
Grade Five Students in an Inner-City Primary School in Jamaica

Rene Level
Institute for Educational Administration & Leadership – Jamaica

This research reports on a life skills programme conducted among a select group of grade five students at an inner city primary school located in Kingston, Jamaica. The programme was conducted for six weeks. The purpose of the programme was to enhance self-esteem and build self-awareness of these students. Forty-two students participated; twenty girls and twenty-two boys. Convenient sampling was used to select the participants for the research. A pre-test was conducted to evaluate the students’ awareness of their self- esteem. The data revealed that 50% of the students were not aware of their self-esteem. Based on the results of the pre-test the researcher developed the components of the programme to enhance students’ self-esteem and build their self- awareness. The post–test data revealed that there was a 50% increase in students’ awareness of their self-esteem.

Keywords: Life-skills programme; self-esteem; self-aware




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