Research Article 3

The Administration of the PATH Programme in Two High Schools in
Jamaica and its Effect on the Student Beneficiaries: A Case Study

Monique Castle
Institute for Educational Administration & Leadership – Jamaica

PATH was introduced as a Social Safety Net Programme in 2002 as a means of eradicating
poverty in Jamaica. While the evaluations tell tales of its success and efficiency, the voices of the students have gone unheard with regard to how they perceive themselves as beneficiaries
of the welfare programme and how they perceive the administrative approach of the school leaders. The research focused on unearthing the perceptions of a group of PATH
beneficiaries in two high schools as it relates to how they perceive the PATH Programme
and how they are affected by the educational leaders’ administrative approach to the
programme. A qualitative case study approach was used. Data was gathered through the use of individual interviews with the principals and guidance counsellors of the two schools, focus groups sessions with the student beneficiaries in each of the schools and a focus group session with parents or guardians of the beneficiaries. It was concluded that although educational leaders act according to the guidelines of the Ministries of Labour and Social Security and Education, there are aspects of the PATH administration process that have a negative effect on some student beneficiaries and although some parents may be aware of it, little action is taken to mitigate the problem. Having arrived at these findings, it is imperative that school leaders take greater initiative toward sensitization and knowledge of PATH so as to exhibit on a greater level, particular components of emotional leadership.

Keywords: PATH; Student beneficiaries’ perceptions and experiences; Educational leaders’
administrative approach




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