Volume 1 Issue 2 (December 2014)


Adam Burns 1-3

Research Articles

In Search of a Theoretical Lens: An Exploration of Feminist Social Research Theories

Laura Guihen 4-20

Can formative assessment be used to support summative assessment and summative assessment for formative purposes?

Shane Payne 21-37

Literature Reviews

Developing an emotionally literate school

Stuart Boon 38-56

A literature review on an ethnographic case study of the impact of food upon learning and social skills at the Peartree Academy

Gurpinder Lalli 57-65

Book Review

Reynold Macpherson, Political Philosophy, Educational Administration and Educative Leadership (2014)

Karen Stephens 66-69


One comment on “Volume 1 Issue 2 (December 2014)

  1. Another fantastic achievement by Adam, editorial team and the fabulous authors represented here. We are justifiably proud – well done

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