Research Article 1

In Search of a Theoretical Lens: An Exploration of Feminist Social Research Theories
Laura Guihen
University of Leicester

My PhD study aims to explore the ways in which female deputy headteachers, as potential
aspirants to headship, make sense of and perceive the secondary headteacher role. It focuses on
the ways in which individual deputies encounter, comprehend and ascribe meaning to the social
world in which they live and work. Feminist theories and approaches to social research have
influenced the thinking behind this project. This paper aims to report on the process of selecting
a suitable theoretical lens for my work. It explores a range of feminist research philosophies and
considers their implications for researchers. It is anticipated that the thinking behind this
discussion may be relevant to other student researchers who are in the process of thinking
through their own theoretical perspective.

Keywords: Feminism; Feminist Theory; Feminist Research; Research Philosophy




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