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Editorial Shane Payne   1-3

Research Articles

Reflections on a Research Pilot Study

Abeer Aidh Alshwiah   4-17

After completing her formal education in Saudi Arabia and studying English Literature at the University of Dammam, Abeer studied for her MA in Distance Learning and Training at the Arabian Gulf University in Bahrain. Her particular focus is on ‘Developing foreign language learners’ communicative competence using a conversational framework’. She is currently analysing the data collected and attending various conferences to share the findings of the pilot study with both specific and non-specific audiences. Abeer is a PhD student at the University of Leicester.

Social networking website-based learning activities to promote critical thinking- Pilot Study

Nada J. Alsaleh   18-40

Nada Alsaleh is a Lecturer at the Instructional Technology Department at King Saud University, and a PhD student at the University of Leicester specialising in E-learning and learning Technology. Her interests lie in learning design and educational innovations.

An autoethnographic account of a PhD student’s journey towards establishing a research identity and understanding issues surrounding validity in educational research.

Tariq Hamood 41-60

Tariq Hamood is a lecturer at ADVETI Undergraduate Institutions and is a visiting lecturer at Westford School of Management in the UAE. He teaches on foundation preparatory courses for students working towards undergraduate degrees and postgraduate Leadership and Management modules on MBA programmes. He also works as a freelance consultant for youth work projects mainly based in the UK. Tariq received his MA in Leadership from University College London, and is currently in the final stages of completing a doctorate in education at Warwick University. His current research interests include personal development and leadership development in young people.


Attitudes of the Instructional Supervisors towards non-Arab non-native EFL teachers

Asif Ahmad   61-77

Asif, a PhD student at the University of Leicester, started teaching English language in 1992 in Pakistan before moving to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2002. Following several administrative positions running English language programmes, Asif began teaching English language at university level. Asif achieved an MA in TEFL (teaching English to the speakers of other languages) from Pakistan in 2002 and an MSc in Educational Leadership and Management from University of Leicester in 2014.