Shane Payne

University of Leicester

This issue of The Bridge: Journal of Educational Research-Informed Practice once again explores an eclectic collection of articles that focus on three complex aspect that may impact educational institutions in implementing changes. Article 1 has the authors, Julia Leatherhead and Dr. Luke Beardon introducing us to the Facts About Me (FAMe™) System, that Julia developed as part of her PhD study, to help identify support needs in the classroom for children on the autistic spectrum. The study is borne from personal experience.

Article 2 is a think piece by Dr. Adam Burns that raises an interesting question; are LGBT schools the solution to homophobic bullying in Britain’s schools? Considering the progress that has been made in recent years to educate people in acceptance of individuals’ sexual orientations and lifestyles, and their rights to be treated and valued as equal members of society, homophobic bullying in our schools is a reality for many pupils, with far-reaching consequences. Adam asks some interesting questions to encourage us to reflect and self-analyse.

For article 3, Mark Atkinson investigates the leadership styles and organisational effectiveness of middle management in an international school context. The article seeks to identify the current issues evident in the middle management of a school in Vietnam, with the intention of reforming it with a framework that will develop a positive team culture and benefit the experience of the pupils and staff alike.