Volume 1 Issue 1 (June 2014)


Adam Burns 1-3

Research Articles

Introducing collaborative feedback into lesson observations: A study of an ITE programme for PCE trainee teachers
Shane Payne and Jalpa Ruparelia 4-21

Lesson Starters: An outdated idea or a meaningful tool in lesson planning?
Karen Stephens 22-47

Think Piece

Research Lesson Study – a mechanism to support effective teacher engagement with and in educational research? A think-piece.
Stefanie Edwards 48-64

Literature Review

Building stronger communities: a key element in improving student attainment? A review of current literature.
Goura Brazer 65-75

Book Review

Uwe Flick, An Introduction to Qualitative Research (5th ed., 2014)
Heather McClue 76-78


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