Think Piece

Try a Little Tenderness: The Importance of Relationships in International Schools
Jonathan Young
University of Leicester

International Schools Consultancy Research predicts that by 2022 the number of international schools will expand to 11,331 and the number of students attending them to 6.2 million (Brummitt and Keeling 2013). There are a complex range of feelings that emerge as a consequence of mobility, which challenge the sense of self and shape social relations (Zembylas 2012). These global nomads have spent time in a variety of locations, changing homes and friendships, sometimes regularly and having little geographical notion of ‘home’ (Hayden 2011). It could be argued that relationships are vital to sustaining feelings of well-being, security and belonging for young people in these exceptional and unusual circumstances. I will argue why strong relationships with this cohort of young people are so important.

Keywords: International Schools; Mentorship; Relationship




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